‘Sugar Free Me’ Challenge


Something is hiding in your food. From the cereal you had for breakfast to the dressing on your salad to the ketchup on your fries, an addictive substance is lurking in many foods that you’d never suspect. SUGAR. This 4-week challenge is designed to help you identify where sugar lurks + kick it to the curb so you can FEEL AMAZING!

The ‘Sugar Free Me’ challenge starts August 6th!!! You can live ANYWHERE & participate! (Studio members will get in at a discounted rate). This challenge is for absolutely EVERYONE- yes even you the one who thinks she doesn’t eat any sugar! I will be revealing some amazeballs secrets on how to ditch all the sugar + detox your bod in a fun/challenging way! We will be having a detox party complete with shots shots shots (of lemon water of course) & each week you will get assigned a challenge in order to dig deeper into what you are actually eating + learn about all the surprising places sugar lurks! Don’t be nervous. You will LEARN A LOT & can take it at your own pace. If you already eat fairly clean- this is an amazing RESET for you & you will enjoy the ‘take it up a notch’ challenges + yummy recipes from the meal plan! 

WHAT: a 4 week (online) guided challenge that will help you identify + kick sugar to the curb while learn to love all natural sweeteners (your bod will thank you by losing weight, clearing up your skin & giving you more natural energy). Comes with a meal plan, detox guide, daily support and online guidance/coaching!

WHEN: This challenge starts Aug 6th!! But be sure to register ASAP so you will get into the online forum where the meal plan will be posted a bit early so you can hit the grocery store & get prepped!

WHY: Sugar is the single most important thing to eliminate from your diet due to its affect on your blood sugar, your brain power, your ability to stay focused & risk of getting certain cancers to name a few. In addition, sugar causes major cravings so it definitely gets in the way of your weight loss efforts & ability to maintain energy for workouts/activities. YOU WILL DISCOVER THAT YOUR BODY PERFORMS INCREDIBLY WELL OFF SUGAR!!! Trust me, once you feel the benefits you won’t want to go back!

PLEASE NOTE: You can register by choosing the appropriate option below (studio member or non-member)- remember this is an online challenge so can participate no matter where you live + invite your friends to join the fun too! The only requirement is you must have a Facebook account so you can be added into the private Facebook forum where all the info gets posted/discussion happens. If your Facebook name differs from your first/last name- please just email me to inform me your how your name is listed on Facebook- thanks! (bodybybranda@gmail.com)


‘Sugar Free Me’ Online Challenge (Non-Studio Members)


‘Sugar Free Me’ Online Challenge (Studio Members Discount)


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