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Monthly workshops are offered at Becoming Bootcamp studio and instructed by yours truly- (a certified Brave Girls instructor).  I can’t wait to share these very special soul classes with you > both online and in person. Be sure to hop on the Soul School Interest List to get the monthly schedule + class registration details emailed to you! xo, Branda




fb-headerbetruetoyouBE TRUE TO YOU Workshop

{AUGUST 5th 2-5pm}

It is sort of cliche to say “BE TRUE TO YOU” isn’t it, friend? It is certainly a phrase that is over used, just like many of life’s greatest truths are. Sometimes important words are so over used that we stop really thinking about what they mean and especially what they mean to us in particular.

This  class is about really seeing yourself RIGHT NOW. Looking at who you are RIGHT NOW and you have always been as well as who you have become. This lesson is about acknowledging and accepting and LOVING all of the parts of yourself, RIGHT NOW, wherever you find yourself on your journey.

Please don’t get caught up in the cliche of the title of this lesson. Please REALLY think about what it means to be be true to who YOU are. To be able to be true…we must first figure out WHO we are so that we can be true to her. This is a lot of important soul work, and it is work that not many are brave enough or disciplined enough to do. You are here, and you are so so soooo important, important enough to take the time to really investigate on a soul level to figure out exactly who YOU are.

It is so important to give ourselves the love and grace of not comparing our lives, or our selves, or our attributes or our circumstances to those of anyone else. Comparing is the greatest barrier to figuring out who we are and who we are meant to be. It is such a distraction to investigate the lives of everyone else to try to figure out what our own lives are supposed to be. We will never find ourselves by looking at others. We will only find ourselves by quietly, patiently, lovingly and mercifully looking and listening to ourselves and our deepest truth. It is so worth the work to be able to live with such authenticity. The greatest freedom comes when we finally take total and complete responsibility for ourselves, our lives and who we were created to become. Taking time to remember, restore and work toward our truest selves will bring great rewards to our lives and to the lives of all those that we love. To be a woman who knows who she is and who walks confidently in that truth is the greatest gift we can give to others. Please be you.

CLASS DATE/TIME: August 5th 2-5pm

LOCATION: 12473 Woodside Ave in Lakeside

WHATS INCLUDED: all art/craftsupplies including a personal workbook + yummy snacks & coffee/tea/water will be provided.


BE TRUE TO YOU (Studio Members)



BE TRUE TO YOU (Non-Members)





Are you needing some restoration? Is your soul telling you that it’s time for YOU take this course? (This is the ‘mother’ of all the courses)

There are so many things that get us out of alignment with who we are and leave our souls in disrepair. We often believe we need to change who we are when we don’t like the way life is going.

We don’t need to change who we are…even if we feel like we want our life to change. We just need to RESTORE back to who we have always been.

Are you in a transition and you don’t know what to do next? Are you still reeling from a difficult time in your life? Have you forgotten who you are and what you want out of life? Do you feel like you make the decisions that others want you to make instead of the decisions that you want to make? Have you forgotten about your talents and gifts and your purpose? Do you feel like you are not deserving or worthy of good things and so you have just settled for whatever you can get in life? Are you just absolutely exhausted at how hard life has been, day after day? Do you just need a tune up? This course is for all of these reasons and more. Whether things are really hard and you feel destroyed, or whether you just need a bit of a refresher to get you back on course.

Imagine yourself as a house…a beautiful perfect house…starting out with fresh paint and beautiful windows and lovely carpets..filled with all of your favorite things and your favorite music and everything that brings you comfort. This is the house where your soul lives.

Things sometimes happen in life, sometimes quickly and sometimes over time that kick our doors in, break our windows and destroy our walls. We stop making boundaries for ourselves and find that others are actually LIVING in our soul house, leaving us nowhere to sleep, no food left to eat….moving our furniture to their liking and putting up their own art.

Some of us aren’t even living in our own soul houses anymore…feeling totally disconnected from our truest selves and beyond repair. But we aren’t beyond repair. We just need to reconnect with our own deepest wisdom and reacquaint ourselves with our Truth-Teller, our source of truth and light. It is not only possible, it is wonderful and necessary for each of us.

Soul Restoration is intended to help every human being heal the past, confront old beliefs that have been holding them back, then find and keep the bravery needed to stay joyfully true to their own path. It works.

This enjoyable and powerful workshop is designed to help you really really think and hear your own soul again…to help you remember what brings you the most joy, to realize & remember all of the things that you are good at and that make your heart sing…to get back on track and to unleash the courage and motivation to stay on track…to find the courage to let go of what is not right for you, what is hurting you and what is holding you back..and most importantly…to reunite with your soul.



You are so very loved. See you in class!


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