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BOOTCAMP: a super FUN mix of various exercises – this class is NOT scary but rather challenging & modifiable based on your fitness level. A mixture of HIIT (high intensity interval training) will get your heart rate up, build strength and produce amazing results. EVERY class is different so you will never get bored.

HIP HOP DANCE: an awesome dance class for all levels and great for beginners! This class is the perfect FUN way to get some cardio, work your muscles in all new ways and to laugh too! It’s a super casual class and absolutely no experience is needed!

CIRCUIT TRAINING: a circuit style class set up with multiple stations to both challenge you & tone you in all kinds of ways! Such a great way to mix things up & push beyond your comfort zone in a fun group setting.

SOUL STRETCH: an amazing class designed to help you unload stress, refresh your soul & stretch your body. This is the class EVERYONE NEEDS DESPERATELY. It does not include any type of flow but rather all the stretching your body craves. It is appropriate for all levels and encouraged for everyBODY.



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