Hi I’m BRANDA >> a certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer & certified Soul Restoration instructor.  I’m also Mom to a rad lil’ dude named Jude + lover of leggings & Boston Terriers! BECOMING Bootcamp Studio is my dream come true. I will be totally blessed to meet you & tell you about what’s possible for YOU.



14 years ago my best friend was murdered & I fell apart. I became really depressed & despite my best efforts I couldn’t get out of my ‘funk’. My family/friends & doctors suggested I start taking anti-depressants but instead of reaching for medication, I decided to hop on an elliptical trainer. I was instantly hooked & felt so good!! Exercise definitely got me out of my funk!!! I quickly got bored with the elliptical though- so I started creating different routines + doing a lot of research about nutrition. I was surprised by what I could accomplish with just diet/exercise & decided someday I would help others do the same! In the last 7 years I have become a personal trainer, certified holistic health coach, group fitness instructor & essential oils guru + have taken hundreds of women through the journey of healthy living & weight loss. My goal is to create FUN & unique workouts that never get boring + hold space for women who just need some time away from home to work on themselves. My BECOMING Bootcamp workouts will be completely different each time so you will never get bored. I emphasize functional movements & design workouts that help build strength in the areas that women need most. Becoming Bootcamp will not only be a rockin’ fitness class but it will also be a place to find yourself, push yourself & gain a sisterhood in the process. We are always BECOMING so let’s do it together. ❤️ xo, Branda

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