A Lifetime Grace Card

This week I am finalizing all the Bikini Bootcamp materials & going through my library of recorded workout videos- so there I am watching myself on video all day (awkward I know) – but I was really proud of my thoughts & felt I needed to share! In the past I would have judged the heck out of myself – like wow 5 years ago you were waaay more ‘ripped’ than you are now Bran & wow your legs ‘used to be’ so toned & your skin was so nice back then ETC ETC ETC. But instead something different happened & that is how I KNOW something shifted in me & all my soul restoration & positive thoughts/reminders really do work!! I watched the videos & gave myself GRACE. Instead of negative attack thoughts – I thought to myself- its okay if you don’t look exactly how you used to because you have been busy running 3 businesses, you have been busy serving others & doing your best as a Mom + you are a few years older now- & yes things hang a bit lower than they used to & your skin is a bit different now but you are wiser & truly understand who you are more than you ever have before. WHAT A PRIVILEGE IT IS TO GROW OLDER!!! I know some of you may be thinking uhm yeah I wish I had your ‘problem body’ or what does she know about body struggles? Let me reassure you that WE ALL HAVE STRUGGLES TO ACCEPT OURSELVES AS IS. No matter what our body size/shape >> WE ARE ALL THE SAME INSIDE. We all struggle in some way. We are all ‘mean girls’ to ourselves & just because you think someone’s outside looks well kept -doesn’t mean their inside isn’t a nasty hot mess. (The same can be said about a neighbors yard – the yard could be insanely well kept but there very well may be a disastrous mess inside the house- you just don’t know!) I am so grateful for the lessons in GRACE & I will continue to try to grow in this space. I will honor my age and my body. I will be understanding & loving towards myself & I hope you will too. ❤️✌🏻 xo, B

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