You will fly again.

This truth card is hard for me to even look at without crying. I made it at such a low time in my life (5 years ago). I was severely depressed & I really wanted to believe the words on this card but was feeling too hopeless. My marriage was failing, I couldn’t ‘get happy’ despite my best efforts and I had serious doubts about my ability to be a good Mom to my young son. After crying out in a desperate prayer to God & searching online- I found the Soul Restoration course & quite literally it changed my life. I FINALLY SAW THE TRUTH right in front of me after ‘closing down for restoration’. I finally started living by MY truth & MY rules. You see my life had been so busy that I hadn’t allowed myself to heal & explore some past hurts. Instead I packed them into a backpack & carried them through my life. Well that backpack got waaaaay too heavy & those hurts turned into lies that I was believing about myself & this led to my depression. Today I stand in the truth (even though its hard to remember sometimes with all the chatter in the world) & I have devoted my life to helping others restore their soul & remember their truths. THE TRUTH IS FOR YOU. THE TRUTH FEELS GOOD. THE TRUTH SETS YOU FREE. I have a few spots left in my Truth Cards Workshop this Sunday if you want to join me for some local girl time & make your own truth cards. 😘 Just click this link for more info You are so very loved! xo, Branda

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